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Handmade Face Mask

Our handmade gift business is unable to function at present as a result of markets being closed, therefore Sally has been making free laundry bags for the NHS frontline staff. Now we need to earn a living and have designed and made face masks for the public to use, which will be more important once lockdown is lifted. Made from 100% cotton lined for comfort and protection, incorporating a pocket to add a filter fully washable and reusable. 

You can insert a filter for extra protection in to the pocket of these masks, I use a coffee filter paper,(not supplied) which are ok for single use, then disposed of, you can adapt other filters from household items like heavy duty blue paper hand towels.

One size fits all adults. Check out the materials available above, non tartan masks are numbered just refer to the number when ordering.

The soft material allows comfortable use and small pleats extend to fit the face tightly, with a wire nose piece for sealing around the bridge of the nose. It is important to have good tight fit, and a decent face coverage. I wear my glasses but you could also wear a visor over too, which will protect the eyes.

Are filters essential?

Although the WHO recently changed its guidance to encourage the public to use DIY face masks made from protective cloth, They said that there is no requirement to put in filters at this time.

However, because anyone could be asymptomatic any filtration and coverage (along with adhering to social distancing guidelines, of course) is better than nothing.

“Because anyone could be an asymptomatic carrier, there is no harm in wearing a mask,” they added. “As long as it is homemade, and is not a medical mask (which should be reserved for health care professionals), you should be fine.”

Why take the risk any mask is better than no mask!!

£7.00, postage an extra £1.40, you can purchase direct just message  us. Various colours available ask to see current material.Payment via PayPal cairngormgifts@gmail.com

or BACS Nationwide: 22020513

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